Our Story

Damerrano was born in 2021 with a single point agenda - to make world class shirts. We set out with a desire to make perfectly curated shirts, crafted with the finest fabrics, effortless silhouettes and exclusive styles at a price that won’t make your pockets lighter.

We don't like to rush things, we like to focus on the small things- our team has a sharp eye for detail, from fabric selection to sampling to the final product we go above and beyond to make sure our pieces are cherished for years to come. We follow a "1X1" production of our clothing where each item is hand-cut, sewn by a single tailor from beginning to end and carefully hand-finished by our in house team.

Damerrano pieces have a different feel and fall because we don’t rush things. We spend countless hours testing different pattern styles, experimenting with new fabrics and matching the perfect accessories. We spend lots of time on the construction of plackets, on aspects like hemming, cuff length and the tiniest of details. Our master base patterns have been through very extensive trial error process to get the fit spot on. Yes, it’s painstaking. But we love and cherish each & every bit of the journey.

Our inspiration comes from various art styles, design chapters, traditional crafts and modern cultural references. Damerrano brings together designs for everyday living as well as special occasions. From the classics to the eclectics -we've got something in store for everyone.

Your wardrobe deserves nothing but the best, we're here to help you make it happen with our premium collections.